Sometimes in life, you need to work through things ...

     That's when Patricia's Coaching and Art can help..



Sometimes you find yourself in transition whether from a divorce, lost of a loved one, becoming an empty nester, or for any number of reasons.

We are all constantly learning, changing, moving, transitioning and growing.

Sometimes in life, while working through things, a little art project can create some magic ....

What is an Ontological Life Coach?

I use art as a catalyst for transformation.

Over the many years that I have been teaching art, mixed media, art journaling and painting, I have found that while in the prrocess of working on an art project, there is a connection with the mind that benefits the soul. Your mind quiets down and allows the soul to speak.

Have you ever noticed that when you are really engaged in an art project, such as painting, all your attention goes into the project at hand, and you find yourself in a wonderful, nurturing, playful place. I call this the "No Mind" place. Your daily concerns seem to vanish and your soul feels happy. This is a place where clarity resides, decisions are made, realizations appear. directions and solutions present themselves to you. You begin to speak your truth, understand your world and use your intuition.

Together with my guidance, you can begin your journey. As you create, your piece of art will reveal steps and clarity to you in the most magical way, as your subconscious mind reveals your deepest knowing. You will find an opening, a healing and a comfortable safe place to allow your soul to flourish.

This time is for you and you alone. We will meet once a week for a two hour session in my studio. You can begin your work with a six week class. Most of the supplies will be included.

Come join me and experience this magical process...

Date:                      Call Patricia to schedule

Duration:               6 Weeks, 2 Hours. Private Sessions once a week

Investment:           $600

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Work in any medium you choose.


Art Journaling


A Little Whimsey

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Mixed Media