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Patricia's Jewelry Designs are more than just something to wear.

They are art and a statement piece expressing your own personal uniqueness and spiritual aria. Every piece is made by Patricia, some from her original artwork, some a new creation in it's own right. But be prepared ... everyone will want to know where you got that beautiful jewelry you are wearing!

Patricia's Artistic Jewelry is designed to be interchangeable. Start with a selection of necklaces ... a simple chain, Rosary Beads, or a semi-precious hand knotted necklace, and then add any focal piece and as many "Attachables" as you desire to create your own one of a kind look! How fun!

Anything listed with a price is available for purchase by contacting Patricia. You will find another selection at our Etsy Stop or one of the stores we are in, and even more at the Studio in Norcross, the Lakewood 400 Shop which is open the 3rd weekend monthly in Cumming, or one of the events we participate in. Enjoy!

Creating Your Own Personal Style


First select your favorite Necklace


Add your beautiful focal piece


Now layer for impact!


Add an Attachable  ... or more!


Try a coveted Frozen Charlotte

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Whether you prefer simple and basic, or semi-precious beads, Patricia has it all. This is where you start.

The Main Event

Now choose your focal piece ... the one you love the most ...


Add one on the bottom ... or as many as you like to both necklaces and bracelets.


Some bracelets allow you to add attachables, some are a statement in their own right.


Casual or semi-presious, they are all beautiful. Brides often choose custom designs, both necklaces or earrings,  for their Bridesmaids for a special touch at their beautiful weddings.